Get the look: Gigi Hadid

Gigi was basic this Thursday in New York.


Hi everyone!

Today’s look is inspired on Gigi Hadid, I searched similar clothes to compose this outfit.

Crop top:

$14.04 here

img_5487.jpg$17.99  here

$16.99 here

If you don’t like the camouflage stamp you can use these:

$10.99  here

$12.89 here

$13.97  here


$15.99 here

$10 here


$98 here

$15.90 here

Outfit #8 – Rose Nude 

Hi everyone, today’s outfit is a midi floral skirt in neutral tones. I’ve been wearing a lot neutral outfits lately, this is one of my faves! 

Blouse: this one is sold out, but you can get a similar one here – $19

Skirt: $176 here or a similar $16 here

Cropped Jacket: 535 € here or a similar one $62 here 

Shoes: $845 here or a similar $24.28 here

Bag: this one is sold out but you can get a similar here – $21

Ear rings: $57 here

Do you like yo wear midi skirts? Tell me your favorites! 


Get the look: Kylie’s Slip Dress

I love slip dresses, they’re so female and sexy! 

I found some beautiful and sexy slip dresses to share with you! 

1. Midi Slip Dress 

I love midi skirts and dresses and this is one of my faves! 

 $22.99 -> HERE

And you can choose the color:

2. Slip Denim Dress

$24.99 -> HERE

3. Black Mini Slip Dress

$20.99 -> HERE

4. Pleated Slip Dress
I absolutely love this one! 

$25.49 – HERE

5. Velvet 

This one is my absolutely favorite, red and velvet! 

$20.73 – HERE

You can get this one in black too! 

Do you like slipdresses? Let us know!