How to apply red lipstick perfectly 👌🏽

Hey boys and girls! Let’s talk about red lips, they’re sexy and classic, it looks great for  (almost) any occasion! The following steps will help you to apply red lipstick like a pro!

Step 1 

Outline the cupid bow with a red lip pencil, drawing an X there, after that draw a line on the lowest point of you lower lip, then draw some other lines that will work like a guide. 

Step 2 

Connect all the lines with the lip pencil and fill the intire lips with the liner. After filling, you can over line the lips one more time to make sure that it’s all perfect. 

Step 3 

Apply the red lipstick or lipgloss on the top.

Step 4 

Clean the edges with a concealer using a concealer brush. 

And like this you will have perfect red lips! 


Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

She’s amazing! And now you can have makeup brushes inspired on her! 

I’m just in love with these brushes. The brand Luxie Beauty just launched gourgeus face makeup brushes, and it comes with a smal mirror! 

The brand is vegan and cruelty free! You can buy there wonderful brushes for $95 here

Did you like it? I loved! 


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